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Buy The Website Copy Package

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If you are building a website for your business this package is perfect for you!

Have you experienced going on to a brand's website and closing the tab having not learnt anything about the business, what they do and how you can get them to do what they do for you? I have. In this digital age, your website is how potential clients get to know your business.

When visiting your website, prospective clients need to get all the information: The who, what and how of your business at the click of a few buttons. If there are bookings to be made but you don’t explicitly state that but have a generic contact page, you will lose that customer.

With the website package, you get the following:

Copywriting for five pages to introduce your business to the world.

The standard pages are “Home” “About” and “Contact Us” -- you will decide what you want the other two pages to be.

This package comes with two rounds of changes.

Package cost: R6, 300

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